Cloud Solutions

Type of Cloud

“Cloud Computing is the delivery of services on the internet using various types of cloud architectures. Store, manage, and process data through a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet rather than a local server”

Public Cloud

A public cloud provides application storage and offers various types of Cloud Computing services over the Internet. It allows hardware resource access to multiple users at a time, using a wireless or remote network.

Public Cloud is suited for businesses looking to scale since large-scale operations can be handled on this type of cloud. It is also one of the most cost-effective types of cloud. Low maintenance and increased reliability are additional benefits from using Public Cloud.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud offers exclusive services for a single enterprise or organization. This provides great benefits to the user in terms of the privacy of information and different types of cloud services.

In terms of operations, the private cloud can be installed at data centers that are physically installed within the office or it can be used remotely and managed by third-party vendors. This makes it flexible, potentially scalable, and supports the user with greater control and security in terms of data protection.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is a combination of public and private clouds. It offers the best of different types of clouds in Cloud Computing, allows for greater flexibility in terms of data transfer and increases an enterprise’s deployment options.

This ensures great control and ease of transitioning while providing everything at cost-effective prices.

Apply Cloud Solutions to suit what you are


“Just start, wants to pay less”

  • requires a small investment
    save substantial start-up costs
  • just PC + Internet
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Pay a monthly fee

Small & Medium

“Pay as you Grow”

  • No need to pay expensive hardware and software upgrades
  • Upgrading IT infrastructure can be quick and inexpensive
  • Adjustable Package to pay as business grows

Big Size

“Big invest Big Save”

  • Working more efficiently Easily access the work system from anywhere
  • Save budget for dedicated administrators, maintenance and data security

Secure, Scalable, On-demand computing resources, Enabling you to flexibly deploy applications and workloads.

Efficient and Easy-to-use Cloud storage service,lets you store virtually any volume of unstructured data in any format and access it from anywhere

Reliable and Scalable cloud database service, deploy databases within minutes and stay focused on application development

Back up cloud servers, disks, and on-premises VMware virtual environments with ease, Data can be restored easily to any backup point.