Enterprise Software

No matter what type of work you do or in what industry you do it, efficiency is critical to your success. That’s why many organizations of all types are turning to enterprise software to meet their needs and solve their problems.

To meet your business needs and improve your company capabilities, PDE have an Enterprise Software team to help you improve organization with various solutions.

Exchange Server is a service of Microsoft that allows you to create your own company’s email system. Set Email name to your brand or organization name. Exchange Server provides basic email services completely, including receiving – sending e-mails, checking the systemdata storage Classifying and categorizing emails

Access Email from Anywhere & Everywhere

Email can be accessed from anywhere, whether it’s a computer, Smart Phone or Tablet and can also preview files documents such as Word, Excel, Power point without installing Microsoft Office on the computer.


Schedule different days and times by yourself and schedule to send to those you want. You can also create a Calendar for various meeting rooms enable users to reserve meeting rooms at the desired time.


Turn difficult email recalls to be easy. Just press Search, you can search all names, Individuals or departments in the organization. Viewing all lists in the organization is also possible.

Microsoft’s SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager)

Microsoft’s SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) is a paid lifecycle management solution from Microsoft that keeps track of a network’s inventory, assists in application installation, and deploys updates and security patches across a network.

Software Center

Enable users to install and set Software/Application itself without using admin for making users. Self-installation makes the user more comfortable.
and reduce the work of IT Support

Software Update

Updating Windows and available software is required to be more efficient, reduce problems and maintain system stability Operations, including eliminating vulnerabilities for the safety of operating system

Remote Control

Remote Device Manager Client enables IT teams to support user problems from a distance far away, no need to onsite. You can also save and Issue Support Reports easily.

Application Package

Deploy Software / Application to install and update from the center and make it Standard Policy.

Operating System

Reduce difficulty to install the operating system Client and make the same Standard Image.

Inventory Report

Issue Hardware & Software Report to reduce workload of IT Support Team